Friday, September 18, 2020 23:28

About Me

OK, at the time of starting this blog, I’m a 60 year old, long haired, ex-hippy, ex-biker, skinny bloke with a sense of humour borne more from cynicism than nature, and is therefore tending toward the Rab C. Nesbitt school of philosophy than Python (although at a push, and a good slug of Scotch, I can do both pretty well).

I’m self employed (although unable to work currently – if you do get beyond this initial crap, you’ll hopefully understand why) and work as one of those geeky people in IT: I do forensic data recovery and analysis (but seem to mostly recover holiday snaps that little old ladies inadvertantly delete (and empty that stupid little recycle bin) from their PCs because Windows is such a crap OS that increasing numbers of people feel isolated and stranded and unutterably stupid when confronted with the plethora of Gates’ ‘improved’ versions), a bit of web design using php and sql to create templates for wordpress and other bloggy systems (Yeah, ok, I didn’t do this one: I downloaded it from the WordPress site coz it was quicker), and generally fix problems for loads of people who live close by in the picturesque Sussex village I live in.

I take pretty good photos and currently belong to the Bureau of Freelance Photographers (not as grand as it sounds, but at least I studied for a degree in film and photographic arts), and I cook. Really well. When I was a kid, I trained as a chef, and although I’m nearly as good at swearing as Gordon Ramsey, as I said: I’m skinny. You can’t be a skinny chef.

I studied Wing Chun Kung Fu for years from a Chinese bloke in London; every bloody night for about three and a half hours, for about 15 years. And then for the next 15 or so, a few fewer hours. I did get pretty good at it as I recall; I think the last violent confrontation I had (nothing to do with me, you understand), ended with the bloke going off to A & E with a few selectively broken bones. Well, I wasn’t going to let him hit me FFS!

Oh, yeah, apparently I’m a fire sign as well; well I did set fire to the kitchen the other day…. I was pretty bombed out on prescription drugs at the time, so I’m not accepting ANY responsibility for it – especially as the insurance company have organised an almost entire kitchen rebuild and redecoration, the complete redecoration of the entrance hall, both flights of stairs and both landings as well. Bad timng on my part I guess: all the stairs and stuff we’d had done only a few months beforehand. Mind you, I was getting bored with the tiles in the kitchen, so now we’re getting the ones we like instead of the ones we could afford at the time. Fuck me, insurance companies, who I’ve always had it in for, do come through at times.

And finally, but by no means least I’m married to Anne Marie – an artist of extraordinary ability (who also teaches it to the lucky few), a very accomplished Tai Chi practitioner who studied for years under Master Chu when we lived in London (and also teaches that to the lucky few too), and is the Yin to my Yang. I have been known to be a bit, how shall I say, wild? unbridled? passionate, more probably, and she has definitely calmed me down.


There’s a load more about me throughout the blog, as it appears, but if you’re really bored, you can contact me, and even follow me (!) on facebook:

But no fucking stalkers please: I really don’t like the sight of other people’s blood ;)