Friday, September 18, 2020 23:17

About this Blog

Primarily, this blog is going to be the story, warts an’ all, of my journey of discovery, disgust, pain, some minor moments of pleasure – unless everything gets resolved satisfactorily, in which case there will be cause for much celebration and quaffing of ale – of a series of health problems, which, at the time of my beginning this blog (February 2011), still persist and in some areas, getting a whole lot worse, and what has, and has not, been done to me and for me, to effectively, make me better.

Don’t get me wrong: this is not going to be a great, big whine, I’m not prone to whining and whinging; I am, however, prone to getting fucking furious at injustice, incompetence, particularly when it is exhibited by educated professional people, lethargy and uncalled for dismissal.

Likewise, I am happy to name names of those people who have, in some cases literally, been a veritable pain in the arse, as well as the very few people who have gone beyond their call of duty and tried everything in their power to help me.

Good human beings, it has been my unfortunate experience to discover, are very few and far between; but when you are lucky enough to meet one, then it seems only right to sing their praises: good people do good just because they are – if we don’t shout about it, who the hell will?

If you are of a nervous disposition, or you simply just don’t like my frequent use of the word ‘fuck’, then to you, and I hesitate not one jot, I say “Well, you can fuck right off” :)

However, if you stick around, I’m sure that some of the things that have happened to me, as well as some of things which haven’t but damn well ought to have, may well stike a chord with you and you can rest easy at night, or at work if you’re like one or two of the lazy fuckers who just haven’t done what they are paid to, knowing that we share some things and we are not alone in this world.

Not that that’s going to be of any help to you of course, but if you ever find yourself in any similar positions as this blog will attempt to describe, then you’ll at least have some smart arse answers at the ready and not be pissed off at yourself for only thinking of them three hours later when you’re at home staring at the last, dwindling drops in your bottle of chosen anaesthetic.

Still here? Then welcome aboard; sit still, pour yourself a stiff one, shut the fuck up, and hang on for the ride. :)